Serious loan despite negative credit bureau


A serious loan despite a negative Credit Bureau is in demand. The article deals with the requirements and loan offers for serious borrowing, despite poor creditworthiness.

Serious credit despite negative Credit Bureau offers

Serious credit despite negative Credit Bureau offers

A serious loan despite a negative Credit Bureau is not a mass commodity, although the advertising of the credit intermediaries almost overturns. Credit options “exist despite Credit Bureau” exist as domestic and international loans. “Without Credit Bureau”, on the other hand, is only a so-called Swiss loan. Contrary to what advertising often suggests, despite Credit Bureau and without Credit Bureau they are not the same thing. In the case of a loan despite Credit Bureau, the Credit Bureau statement is viewed and an approved loan is registered with Credit Bureau.

The only difference to a “normal” loan offer is that a negative Credit Bureau does not automatically trigger the loan rejection. Without Credit Bureau, Credit Bureau remains completely locked out when lending. The creditworthiness is not checked using the Credit Bureau statement, nor is an approved loan reported to Credit Bureau.

Both credit options can be applied for directly or through a reputable credit broker. For a credit broker, convenience speaks above all. The professionals in the money business know all credit providers who allow a domestic loan despite Credit Bureau. In addition, a good intermediary will assist you with the applications and put together the possible loan offers as required. The business practices of many intermediaries are disadvantageous, especially with regard to media reports. They not only concentrate on the loan search, but also try to earn more, mostly legally.

The fact that the agency fees no longer exist and the worry-free approach to the seriousness of the agent speak in the first place for implementing the loan request on your own. In direct contact with a bank, very few fear being cheated. A disadvantage – the search for a provider usually turns out to be difficult. Advertising in the credit brokerage dominates the market. As a rule, the credit institutions themselves do not advertise. Even the indication that a serious loan is possible despite a negative Credit Bureau is usually missing on the side of the German credit banks.

Despite Credit Bureau from Germany – loan provider, personal requirements

Despite Credit Bureau from Germany - loan provider, personal requirements

So that serious loan offers are possible despite a negative Credit Bureau, the creditworthiness must not be too bad. A paid negative Credit Bureau entry can be tolerated. A bad Credit Bureau by entering many different loans can also be accepted as long as the payments are always made regularly. The score serves as a guideline for when a loan is still possible despite Credit Bureau. The scoring score should not be worse than H.

A credit bank that is frequently asked by credit intermediaries to reschedule debt despite poor Credit Bureau is that of Essen Bank. If you look at the website, you will not find any advertisement for a debt restructuring despite Credit Bureau. The offer for such a debt rescheduling is hidden behind the name extra credit. The flexibility of the loan offer and above all the possibility of extremely long terms are appealing. The view of the required effective annual interest rate of 11.95 percent is very sobering. An interest rate of this magnitude is usually reserved for the current account.

An alternative to the high interest rates offers a serious loan despite negative Credit Bureau from private. The market leaders for bidding loans are the portals Smava (Link: and Auxmoney. Smava, the largest German platform for private lending, prescribes a score of at least H so that the loan offer is published. Auxmoney is not so precise. A mediocre score is required so that the loan request has a chance of success.

Serious credit without Credit Bureau – Credit Bureau-free foreign loans

Serious credit without Credit Bureau - Credit Bureau-free foreign loans

For Credit Bureau-free loans from a foreign bank, the advertising of the credit brokerage industry is almost exuberant. At first glance, there seems to be an infinite number of different credit banks for Swiss loans without Credit Bureau. The impression is deceptive. A few years ago, there were actually a number of companies operating on the Credit Bureau loan market. As far as is known, today it is legally only one credit bank. The credit providers of earlier times, the majority of whom actually came from Switzerland, worked illegally in Germany.

A serious loan despite a negative Credit Bureau should at least be legal (bank license valid for Germany) and demonstrably should also be granted. As far as is known, only best credit bank AG from Liechtenstein currently meets these requirements.

This loan offer can also be applied for without a credit intermediary. The Liechtensteiner credit bank has deposited a loan application for download on the page. A serious loan despite a negative Credit Bureau is only possible if the repayment is equally reliable. In addition, an entry in the public debt register must not be available.